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Suggested Adventures

By Manuel Campos


Cyprus is a peaceful island located at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Its mild weather, pristine beaches and delicious food attract thousands of tourists each year. However, most people don’t know that 40% of the island is occupied by Turkey, forming a “de facto” state which is not recognized. Learn more about the Cyprus War and what is Northern Cyprus like.


Western Sahara

I ventured into the largest non-autonomous region on Earth in order to know more about the Western Sahara conflict and get to know the real situation of the territory. By far, my most dangerous yet ambitious trip ever.


Western Australia

When I had the chance to fly to Western Australia I knew that if I didn’t take it I would have to wait ages to be able to go. Without a car or an adequate budget for a trip to the most isolated city on Earth, I had the best time ever.



Small and unknown, Brunei had all the components to call my attention. Contrary to many travelers’ experience, my experience was 10/10. Shoutout to all the Bruneians who helped us in our way to Malaysia.



As the war was raging in Ukraine, I decided to check on its neighboring country — Moldova. Putin has also threatened to reach this country and the airspace was closed for a long time. How are people holding up? I ventured into the vibrant capital city of Chisinau and the interesting autonomous region of Gagauzia.



Yes, we all know what Bali is about. An island colonized by Westerners that come to enjoy a healthy, cheap and tropical life away from their boring countries. Nevertheless, is Bali really worth it?