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Suggested Adventures

Story by Joan Subirachs (19-03-2024)

North America’s Eastern Coast

Once in a while there are trips that just do not want to end up happening. After his exchange semester, Joan Subirachs was trapped in different Canadian airports for five days amidst an Arctic storm in Christmas 2023 that disrupted the aviation system for weeks. After sleeping in the floor and surviving on airplane food, he finally completed a trip with a special meaning. Join Joan in his trip to relive his father’s adventures in Canada. Article available in Catalan as well!

Story by Manuel Campos (06-03-2024)


I was never interested in Japan. After visiting Okinawa I might have turned myself into its biggest fan. I was forced to visit the small subtropical island as a “long layover” and I ended up biking across the countryside under a storm while investigating one of America’s biggest military bases. Did you know that 18% of Japan’s Southernmost region belongs to the US Army?

Story by Manuel Campos (06-02-2024)


Armenia, a legendary nation that predates most of the countries that exist anywhere on Earth. The very first Christian nation, a titan of the Southern Caucasus. That is what I had in mind before traveling to Armenia, nonetheless, I was met with a nation in decay, an identity in ruins and a blindfolded territory that has suffered the fall of the Nagorno Karabagh to the Azeris like a mother that has lost her children.

Story by David Carrasco (07-12-2023)


The capital of Croatia hides well the legacy of the Yugoslav leader Tito…right? David Carrasco shares with us his impressions on the Balkan city and his tour across the Yugoslav legacy of Zagreb. From the Austro-Hungarian times to the currency change in 2023, David’s article is worth reading!

Story by Enrique García (27-11-2023) (from 2016)


One of the hardest countries to get into. A country as mysterious as its marble-built capital city. Dictators, deserts, hospitality and the Hell’s Gates. Enrique García tells us about his experience traveling the “North Korea of Central Asia”.

Story by Esteban Castro

Zacatecas, Mexico

It’s not Northern Mexico but it’s not Southern Mexico either — Zacatecas the gate between radically different parts of the country. Off the beaten path for most tourists, Zacatecas brought some distant memories to Esteban Castro. Friendly locals, excellent food…check out our first article from North America!

Story by Manuel Campos (31-07-2023)


Probably the most troubled place on Earth. A trip which had to be done in order to learn from the horrors of war, ethnic and religious discriminations and human rights violations. Three intense days that changed the way I perceive the conflict and left me conflicted with myself.

Story by Manuel Campos (15/05/2023)


Cyprus is a peaceful island located at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Its mild weather, pristine beaches and delicious food attract thousands of tourists each year. However, most people don’t know that 40% of the island is occupied by Turkey, forming a “de facto” state which is not recognized. Learn more about the Cyprus War and what is Northern Cyprus like.

Story by Manuel Campos (25/01/2023)

Western Sahara

I ventured into the largest non-autonomous region on Earth in order to know more about the Western Sahara conflict and get to know the real situation of the territory. By far, my most dangerous yet ambitious trip ever.