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Manuel Campos

Hi there! My name is Manuel, but you can call me Manu. I am a 21-year old student and journalist as well as the proud owner and founder of the Atlantic Trotter. Most articles and videos at the Atlantic Trotter are my own stories.

From an early age, I have always been interested in getting to know the world we live in — I often tried to expand my knowledge beyond what they teach us at school. I have always been curious about what they don’t tell us in the West. Stories from all corners of the world that really matter but remain unheard.

We’ve all seen the Eiffel Tower, either in photos or in real life. But what about those places out of the main tourist routes? What about those places they tell us not to go? What about those places they say there is nothing to see? I believe there is a lot to explore, people worth meeting and experiences to live everywhere.

If your philosophy matches mine, hit me up! Business and contact info down below.

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