Story by Manuel Campos (08-06-2024)

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is normally known by big resorts and fine beaches. Nonetheless, there is a whole world to discover in its ten main islands. In a trip that challenged my expectations, Manuel Campos ended up having a genuine adventure to one of West Africa’s most interesting countries.

Story by Manuel Campos (24-10-2023)

Western Sahara

Manuel Campos ventured into the largest non-autonomous region on Earth in order to know more about the Western Sahara conflict and get to know the real situation of the territory. Sometimes, deserts are not inspiring but sad representations of war.

Story by Manuel Campos (16-04-2022)

North Morocco

After my traumatizing trip to Marrakesh in February, I decided to give this country a second chance. I travelled across some of the most important cities of Morocco by train together with my cousin. This time I really enjoyed the North-African country.

Story by Manuel Campos (12-02-2022)


What was meant to be a relaxing weekend in Morocco turned into hell. I was assaulted in the streets of Marrakesh. Here’s the full story.

Story by Manuel Campos (8-01-2022)


I spent 10 day in January 2022 participating in the World Youth Forum in Egypt. I gave a speech in front of the president of Egypt and enjoyed a little bit of Summer in Winter

Story by Manuel Campos (3-12-2021)

Lanzarote & La Graciosa

Mars on Earth. Probably the most stunning landscapes in all of Spain.

Story by Manuel Campos (18-09-2021)

The Gambia

A week in the smallest country in continental Africa felt like a month. Scams, monkeys, wildlife and a lot more. Four videos and seven different posts up now. Check them out!

Story by Manuel Campos (12-06-2021)

El Hierro

The least populated and visited island out of the main seven Canary Islands. The southernmost tip of Europe Also referred to as the “island of the end of the world”. In just two days I hiked the entire island. It turned out to be one of my best adventures ever.