Latest Adventures

Story by Manuel Campos (08-06-2024)

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is normally known by big resorts and fine beaches. Nonetheless, there is a whole world to discover in its ten main islands. In a trip that challenged my expectations, Manuel Campos ended up having a genuine adventure to one of West Africa’s most interesting countries.

Story by Joan Subirachs (19-03-2024)

North America’s Eastern Coast

Once in a while there are trips that just do not want to end up happening. After his exchange semester, Joan Subirachs was trapped in different Canadian airports for five days amidst an Arctic storm in Christmas 2023 that disrupted the aviation system for weeks. After sleeping in the floor and surviving on airplane food, he finally completed a trip with a special meaning. Join Joan in his trip to relive his father’s adventures in Canada. Article available in Catalan as well!

Story by Manuel Campos (06-03-2024)


I was never interested in Japan. After visiting Okinawa I might have turned myself into its biggest fan. I was forced to visit the small subtropical island as a “long layover” and I ended up biking across the countryside under a storm while investigating one of America’s biggest military bases. Did you know that 18% of Japan’s Southernmost region belongs to the US Army?

Story by Manuel Campos (06-02-2024)


Armenia, a legendary nation that predates most of the countries that exist anywhere on Earth. The very first Christian nation, a titan of the Southern Caucasus. That is what I had in mind before traveling to Armenia, nonetheless, I was met with a nation in decay, an identity in ruins and a blindfolded territory that has suffered the fall of the Nagorno Karabagh to the Azeris like a mother that has lost her children.

Story by David Carrasco (07-12-2023)


The capital of Croatia hides well the legacy of the Yugoslav leader Tito…right? David Carrasco shares with us his impressions on the Balkan city and his tour across the Yugoslav legacy of Zagreb. From the Austro-Hungarian times to the currency change in 2023, David’s article is worth reading!

Story by Enrique García (27-11-2023) (from 2016)


One of the hardest countries to get into. A country as mysterious as its marble-built capital city. Dictators, deserts, hospitality and the Hell’s Gates. Enrique García tells us about his experience traveling the “North Korea of Central Asia”.

Story by Manuel Campos (13-11-2023) (from September 2022)


Small and unknown, Brunei had all the components to call my attention. Contrary to many travelers’ experience, my experience was 10/10. Shoutout to all the Bruneians who helped us in our way to Malaysia.

Story by Manuel Campos (08-11-2023) (from May 2022)

Northern Norway

After finding an unusual cheap fare, managed to fly to the Norwegian Arctic circle for less than 90€ to see something that I had been wanting to see since I was a kid. Know more about one of the most isolated placed on Earth.

Story by Manuel Campos (24-10-2023) (from January 2023)

Western Sahara

Manuel Campos ventured into the largest non-autonomous region on Earth in order to know more about the Western Sahara conflict and get to know the real situation of the territory. Sometimes, deserts are not inspiring but sad representations of war.

Story by Manuel Campos (15-10-2022) (from July 2022)


A weekend in Oman’s particular capital city seemed the right thing to do in the middle of July, right after his visit to the UAE. While he was expecting a similar ambiance as in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, Manuel Campos was surprised by Oman’s particular calm and made him rethink his opinion of the Gulf Countries.

Story by Esteban Castro

Zacatecas, Mexico

It’s not Northern Mexico but it’s not Southern Mexico either — Zacatecas the gate between radically different parts of the country. Off the beaten path for most tourists, Zacatecas brought some distant memories to Esteban Castro. Friendly locals, excellent food…check out our first article from North America!

Story by Manuel Campos (31-07-2023)


Probably the most troubled place on Earth. A trip which had to be done in order to learn from the horrors of war, ethnic and religious discriminations and human rights violations. Three intense days that changed the way I perceive the conflict and left me conflicted with myself.

Story by Esteban Castro

Vilcabamba Valley

Hidden in Ecuador’s high mountains, a small community away from the pollution of any bustling metropolis is said to have the secret for living a long and healthy life with several residents being over 100 years old. We embarked on a reckless adventure in the middle of the pandemic in order to learn more about how life unfolds in Vilcabamba. A hike through the Andes we’ll never forget.

Story by Manuel Campos (14-05-2023)


Cyprus is a peaceful island located at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Its mild weather, pristine beaches and delicious food attract thousands of tourists each year. However, most people don’t know that 40% of the island is occupied by Turkey, forming a “de facto” state which is not recognized. Learn more about the Cyprus War and what is Northern Cyprus like.

Story by Manuel Campos (30-04-2023)


While the Russian invasion is still ongoing and the threat to millions of Ukrainians is still present with daily shellings that kill thousands of innocent civilians, some non-Ukrainian travelers dare to cross the border to discover how life is unfolding in Ukraine. Read our stories.

Story by Manuel Campos (01-04-2023)


Georgian culture is one of the world’s richest. Its history, its food, its people, its traditions — it is hardly matchable. However, its political stability is not as strong as its heritage. The ongoing Russian occupation and the protests of March 2023 are deeply changing the Caucasian country. I crossed the country from one tip to the other in order to learn more about it and found multiple surprises. Don’t miss it.

Story by Manuel Campos (22-12-2022)

Southern Kyrgyzstan

When people come to Kyrgyzstan, they either visit the capital city of Bishkek or take a tour around the mountains. I decided to visit the most impoverished — yet interesting part of the country. Also, it is the birthplace of apples! My last stop of my biggest trip ever and my last video for a while.

Story by Manuel Campos (17-12-2022)


I had been wanting to go to Central Asia since I was a little kid. That dream was accomplished the time I landed on Uzbek soil. Started my trip at the theatre and ended it at the cradle of radical islam. This trip will stay in my heart with me forever.

Story by Manuel Campos (12-12-2022)


The Portuguese named the island of Taiwan “the beautiful one” for a reason. I had mixed expectations before going and I was surprised…for good. Great people, unexpectedly good food and bizarre yet interesting sites.

Story by Manuel Campos (09-12-2022)


Cold in Vietnam!? I know it sounds weird but it was actually chilly. Truly sensing a different climate changes your perception of the place you are visiting. My views on Vietnam after having previously visited the South changed drastically.

Story by Manuel Campos (08-12-2022)

Chiang Mai

I found Chiang Mai to be quite boring. I don’t know if it was because I had a very bad cold or because the city is objectively boring. Temples, temples and more temples. Still, I was able to reunite with some good friends.

Story by Manuel Campos (03-12-2022)


Honestly, what is going on in Laos? Why nobody knows anything about it besides it is another Southeast Asian commie country? I was too curious to let it pass. My trip was like a rollercoaster — full of ups and downs, but it was definitely a great experience.

Story by Manuel Campos (15-11-2022)

Western Australia

When I had the chance to fly to Western Australia I knew that if I didn’t take it I would have to wait ages to be able to go. Without a car or an adequate budget for a trip to the most isolated city on Earth, I had the best time ever.

Story by Manuel Campos (20-10-2022)


Yes, we all know what Bali is about. An island colonized by Westerners that come to enjoy a healthy, cheap and tropical life away from their boring countries. Nevertheless, is Bali really worth it?

Story by Manuel Campos (08-10-2022)

Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)

Probably one of the most iconic destinations in Southeast Asia. Vietnam is full of stereotypes and “legends”. Is the country still a strict communist dystopia? I traveled to the country’s South to know more.

Story by Manuel Campos (20-09-2022)


Yes, El Nido is a true paradise. Although it was the rainy season, we were lucky to see most of the important places around the area. Exotic, wild and laid-back.

Story by Manuel Campos (17-09-2022)

Cebu and Manila

As part of my short tour of the Philippines I visited two of the biggest cities in the country. As a history fan, I could not have enjoyed more my visit to both cities. My visit of the remnants of the Spanish colonial legacy led me to an unexpected haircut.

Story by Manuel Campos (03-09-2022)

Kuala Lumpur

I took a bus from Singapore to the vibrant capital city of Malaysia. Traveling with friends to these places makes it even better. Tall buildings, colossal mosques and temples in caves.

Story by Manuel Campos (02-08-2022)


I had always been interested in this intriguing Indian state. It never stopped raining and we were caught in severe floods. Kerala is pure history and mystery.

Story by Manuel Campos (28-07-2022)

Andaman Islands

While bored looking at the world map, we found these Islands hidden south of Burma. We had to check them out. Perhaps the true definition of “paradise”. Beautiful beaches, amazing sunsets and no tourists.

Story by Manuel Campos (22-07-2022)

United Arab Emirates

The scorching heat and the COVID regulations put our resistance to the limit in the “country of innovation”. I’ll come back, but certainly not in summer.

Story by Manuel Campos (05-06-2022)


As the war was raging in Ukraine, I decided to check on its neighboring country — Moldova. Putin has also threatened to reach this country and the airspace was closed for a long time. How are people holding up? Check the vibrant capital city of Chisinau and the interesting autonomous region of Gagauzia.

Story by Manuel Campos (18-05-2022)

The Arctic

An exhaustive search of cheap flights took me to the Arctic Circle for just 30€. I wasn’t ready at all for the stunning landscapes, nor the crazy frozen mountain where I almost get in serious trouble. North Norway is really an experience.

Story by Manuel Campos (16-04-2022)

North Morocco

After my traumatizing trip to Marrakesh in February, I decided to give this country a second chance. I travelled across some of the most important cities of Morocco by train together with my cousin. This time I really enjoyed the North-African country.

Story by Manuel Campos (10-04-2022)


Good food, amazing temples and great people. Although this middle-eastern country has gone through a lot recently, it still has lot to offer.

Story by Manuel Campos (31-03-2022)

Southern Balkans

Perhaps the most intense region in Europe, for sure the most interesting one. We backpacked for one week around Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

Story by Manuel Campos (04-03-2022)

Bosnia (Srpska Republic) and Zagreb

The alarm of a possible new war in Bosnia has been set off by the media. I traveled to Banja Luka, the capital of the separatist region, in order to see the escalation of nationalism by myself.

Story by Manuel Campos (19-02-2022)

Finland and Estonia

Amid the raging tensions in Eastern Europe between Russia and its neighbors, we went on a trip to the freezing Gulf of Finland. First, Helsinki, then a ferry to Tallinn and finally a train to Narva, the Russian-Estonian border.

Story by Manuel Campos (12-02-2022)


What was meant to be a relaxing weekend in Morocco turned into hell. I was assaulted in the streets of Marrakesh. Here’s the full story.

Story by Manuel Campos (14-01-2022)


The largest city in Europe and probably the most diverse. I went from Europe to Asia by metro, cool huh?

Story by Manuel Campos (8-01-2022)


I spent 10 day in January 2022 participating in the World Youth Forum in Egypt. I gave a speech in front of the president of Egypt and enjoyed a little bit of Summer in Winter

Story by Manuel Campos (3-12-2021)

Lanzarote & La Graciosa

Mars on Earth. Probably the most stunning landscapes in all of Spain.

Story by Manuel Campos (3-12-2021)


I traveled to Napoli to try out the allegedly best pizza in the world. Also, I rediscovered the city in winter – castles, fancy streets and more!

Story by Manuel Campos (31-10-2021)


Started in the fancy coast of the Black Sea in Varna and hopped in the 8-hour train to the capital, Sofia. Bulgaria really has it all.

Story by Manuel Campos (23-10-2021)

Montenegro & Poland

From the ex-Yugoslavian streets of Podgorica to the Hanseatic buildings of Gdansk. My weirdest weekend ever.

Story by Manuel Campos (16-10-2021)

Luxembourg and West Germany

A quick trip to the country with free public transportation and the birthplace of Karl Marx.

Story by Manuel Campos (25-09-2021)


A weekend trip to the hidden gem of Sweden. Lovely streets, free waffles and calm after my trip to The Gambia. Watch my vertical video!

Story by Manuel Campos (18-09-2021)

The Gambia

A week in the smallest country in continental Africa felt like a month. Scams, monkeys, wildlife and a lot more. Four videos and seven different posts up now. Check them out!

Story by Manuel Campos (13-08-2021)

Lille and Amsterdam

Following cheap Ryanair tickets, I ended up in a bizarre trip. Lille is better than what you expect. Also, I had to “illegally” cross Belgium in order to get to The Netherlands. Just one more COVID-19 trip.

Story by Manuel Campos (27-07-2021)

Northern Italy

July 2021, my friends and I were supposed to go to Morocco on a trip which got cancelled two weeks before due to COVID-19. We had to figure out a new trip and the idea came in. Milan, Verona and Venice, their names speak for themselves.

Story by Manuel Campos (04-07-2021)


Also known as the “Green Emerald”. It had been in my checklist for a while. Definitely the most unique island in Greece. Birthplace of many members of royal families around the world. You won’t believe its beaches.

Story by Manuel Campos (12-06-2021)

El Hierro

The least populated and visited island out of the main seven Canary Islands. The southernmost tip of Europe Also referred to as the “island of the end of the world”. In just two days I hiked the entire island. It turned out to be one of my best adventures ever.

Story by Manuel Campos (15-07-2019)


I volunteered in Cambodia for three weeks back in 2019. My wildest trip ever. The real start of my odyssey.