The Gambia

Day One

On the day of our arrival we got a first glimpse of how our trip would look like

Day Two

After feeding over 30 monkeys, we struggle to find our driver. We visit the fish powerhouse of The Gambia.

Day Three

After an intense trip to the Senegalese border, our driver rips us off us and we end up stranded in the middle of the country.

Day Four

After riding an overcrowded van, we end up changing our plans.

Day Five

Crazy travel day to the “slave island” and Jinack Island.

Day Six

We visit Gambia’s bizarre capital city, Banjul and meet lovely (and not so lovely) locals.

Day Seven

Our patience ends after running from snakes and getting ripped off once again.

Last day and final remarks

We visit the European Delegation in The Gambia and end our trip the best way possible.